Tips to select Final Year Projects

Do not Prefer Application Projects. If you want to do then You can get it from Internet . There won’t be any major scope for the Application projects and there won’t be any waitage to the project in the Interview.

Most of the project centers will rename the topic for a particular topic. Get the base paper and verify with our blog to check the genuinity of the project. Identify the best place to do your projects.

Wireless computing domain : cse/it students are not advised to do projects in wiress computing domain. 100% of the projects done in this domain is fake. Base Paper should not contain wireless, protocols, packets. Obviously, wireless computing domain projects without proper sensors and wireless network formation cannot be done. So students should not prefer wireless domain. Simulation project in wireless costs rs. 250 in the market and it’s of no use.

Question to ask: What’s the sensor we are using? What’s the range of wireless communication happening? How we are connecting to the node. Where the nodes are located. If the nodes are located in the same machine or different machine. Throw away the project.

networking project - A real networking project should have real routers. Instead, if we use pictures as routers then it can’t be a real project and there is no scope for the project. simulation project costs only Rs. 200 in tamil nadu.

Question to ask: what kind of router / switch we are going to use? what kind of programming we are going to do in the router. if there is no router, don’t take up this project.

Wifi Projects are not networking projects. This kind of projects cost Rs.200

grid computing domain : absolutely fake project domain. it’s impossible to construct or design grid in the real world. all final year projects in this domain are fake. Implementing a real grid is not possible for a student. simulating grid related projects cost 400 to 500 rs.

Question to ask: what’s the grid we are going to use? is it oracle grid environment or sql azure environment. project related to this domain is fake. no questions to ask.

Cloud Computing domain – Connecting to the external world Atleast next country is cloud computing. If connected to the remote machine or same machine is a simulation project. Any simulation project under this domain costs 200 rs.

Question to ask: where we are connecting to fetch data? if it’s next machine or same machine then it’s networking project not a cloud computing project. The data should be in remote atleast in other country.

Mobile with wireless domain: all the project in this domain is fake. simulation projects costs 270 rs.

Question to ask: no questions to ask. don’t prefer this domain.

Data mining domain – real data mining involves knowledge cube construction and it’s done by the tools ssas and owb. implementing this project only with java or dotnet is fake. constructino a OLAP environment and using mdx queries to fetch data is the real data mining project. simulation project costs 320 rs.

Question to ask: how we are constructing the cube? how we are fetching the data. project with out cube is absolutely fake.

web mining – collating the real data from internet directly. Data processed in database is absolutely fake. simulation project costs 250 rs.

Question to ask: how dynamically we are retrieving the data from internet? how it’s processed based on the base paper.

REAL TIME SURVEILLANCE SECURITY – REAL CAMERA SHOULD BE USED. using web camera is a FAKE PROJECTS. do not do this kind of project. there won’t be any value for this project.
students are not advised to do projects related to videos. the entire source code is available in internet and there is no scope for these projects.

Question to ask: waste domain. don’t prefer.

NETWORKS domain – ROUTER AND SWITCH IS COMPULSORY for a networking project. PICTURS OF rOUTER/NODES/SWITCH/ SERVER IS absolutely FAKE. simulation project doesn't have value and it costs 300-400 rs.

Question to ask: what kind of router / switch we are going to use? what kind of programming we are going to do in the router. if there is no router, don’t take up the project.

SERVER PERFORMANCE – PROJECT SHOULD BE DONE IN THE REAL SERVER LIKE MACHINE with windows server or web sphere or linux os. the server configuration should be minimal OF QUAD CORE WITH SERVER OPERATING SYSTEM(Windows server or websphere) OR ELSE IT’S FAKE. no value for the simulation projects.

Question to ask: getting the server or configuring the server is too costly. how the performance will be calculated. if it’s local machine, then its waste project.


Question to ask: nothing to say. no value for this project.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – real ai cANNot BE implemented by final year project centers due to hardware requirements too. REMODIFICATION OF SMALL PIECE OF CODE IN INTERNET CAN BE DONE. REAL ieee PAPERS CANNOT BE IMPLEMENTED. dO NOT PREFER THIS KIND OF PROJECT for completing your final year projects.

Question to ask: don’t prefer this domain.

Friday, 21 September 2012

HASBE: A Hierarchical Attribute-Based Solution for Flexible and Scalable Access Control in Cloud Computing

IEEE Topics:

HASBE: A Hierarchical Attribute-Based Solution for Flexible and Scalable Access Control
in Cloud Computing

IEEE Project Title, Year:



Cloud computing has emerged as one of the most influential paradigms in the IT industry in recent years. Since this new computing technology requires users to entrust their valuable data to cloud providers, there have been increasing security and privacy concerns on outsourced data. Several schemes employing attribute-based encryption (ABE) have been proposed for access control of outsourced data in cloud computing; however, most of them suffer from inflexibility in implementing complex access control policies. In order to realize scaleless, flexible, and fine-grained access control of outsourced data in cloud computing, in this paper, we propose hierarchical attribute-set-based encryption (HASBE) by extending cipher text-policy attribute-set-based encryption (ASBE) with a hierarchical structure of users. The proposed scheme not only achieves scalability due to its hierarchical structure, but also inherits flexibility and fine-grained access control in supporting compound attributes of ASBE. In addition, HASBE employs multiple value assignments for access expiration time to deal with user revocation more efficiently than existing schemes. We formally prove the security of HASBE based on security of the cipher text-policy attribute-based encryption (CP-ABE) scheme by Bethencourt et al. and analyze its performance and computational complexity. We implement our scheme and show that it is both efficient and flexible in dealing with access control for outsourced data in cloud computing with comprehensive experiments.

Problems in this project:

  Ø  This cloud computing project is seriously not possible by a final year student because cloud servers are costly and cannot be purchased easily.


 Ø  Since cloud computing is not possible in the real time without proper investment these graphical representations can only be done with dummy data.

Reasons for declaring this project as fake project:

Ø  Implementing Cloud Servers involves more than 5 lakhs.
Ø  These kind of projects are not possible without purchasing those servers.
Ø  So students are seriously requested not to take up the cloud based projects.

Suggestions to complete this project as genuine project:

Ø  A high level research organization with good infrastructure for cloud servers can take up this project.

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